Seagate Ultra Touch SSD 500GB Setup

Seagate Ultra Touch SSD 500GB

Seagate Ultra Touch SSD is a palm-sized portable Solid State Drive. Its universal compatibility makes it even more flexible. It can deliver high speed for video streaming. You can connect your Seagate Ultra Touch HDD to your Mac or Windows with an uncomplicated procedure. You can connect your device through a USB 3.0 cable or the included USB-C adapter. You can also access the files on your mobile device by downloading the Seagate Mobile Touch app. If you want to set up Seagate Ultra Touch SSD 500GB Setup, follow the instructions given below.

Connect your Device To your Seagate Ultra Touch SSD Via USB cable

  1. Confirm the type of your computer’s USB port before connecting to your Seagate Ultra Touch SSD.
  2. If your computer has a USB-A port, use the Micro-B to USB-A cable.
  3. In case your computer has a USB-C port, use the Micro-B to USB-A cable with the USB-C adapter.

Setup Seagate Ultra Touch

  1. Initially, to start setting up your Seagate Ultra Touch, register your drive and install the Toolkit on your computer.
  2. By Registering your Ultra Touch drive, you can get the most from your device. You can easily access your device for information and support.
  3. By installing the Toolkit on your computer, you can Synchronize your folders between your Seagate Ultratouch SSD and your computer.
  4. Your computer should be connected to the internet to install and access the Toolkit.

Register your Seagate Ultra Touch

  1. Open the File Manager followed by Ultra Touch. Click on Launch and then Start Here Win (for Windows) or Start Here Mac (for Mac).
  2. On the sign-up page, register the drive with the required details. You can register with your PC or Mac.
  3. Enter the required information and click Register.
  4. You will be prompted to download the Toolkit. Ensure to download it.

Install The Toolkit

  1. Open your File Manager and the downloaded file on your computer.
  2. For Windows, click on the SeagateToolkit.exe file to launch your Toolkit application.
  3. For Mac, open the file and click Seagate Toolkit Installer to launch the Toolkit application.
  4. For your Android mobile device, go to the Google Play Store. Download and Install the Seagate Mobile Touch app and connect your Android mobile device through a USB cable.

You have successfully set up your Seagate Ultra Touch SSD. Now start accessing your Seagate Ultra Touch SSD 500GB Setup.