Seagate Ultra Touch Hdd Hard Drive Setup

Ultra Touch Hdd Hard Drive

Seagate Ultra Touch Hdd Hard Drive is an ultra-slim and portable hard drive that allows you to store and manage all your data such as photos, videos, and documents from phone, tablet, or laptop. This drive offers high storage capacity and is compatible with USB-C and USB 3.0 computers. It also offers password protection and hardware encryption. The key features of this drive are listed below.

  1. Storage: up to 2TB
  2. Convenient backup
  3. Edit your favorite photos using Adobe Creative Cloud
  4. OS compatibility: Windows & Mac
  5. Supports hardware encryption
  6. Auto Sync

Before you set up the drive, make sure that your device satisfies the Seagate Ultra hard drive’s system requirements. Now, let’s see the  Seagate Ultra Touch HDD Hard drive setup  in detail.

Step 1: Physical Setup

  1. Check the USB port available on your computer.
  2. If it is a USB-C port then get Micro B to USB-A cable with the USB-C adapter.
  3. Connect the Seagate Ultra Touch HDD hard drive to computer using Micro B to USB-C cable.
  4. Similarly, if computer has USB-A port, then use the Micro B to USB-A cable without the adapter to connect the drive to your computer.
  5. Make sure that the cable is connected securely.

Step 2: Configuring The Drive

  1. Go to PC or Mac computer’s My Computer or Devices window.
  2. Locate the Seagate Ultra Touch HDD hard drive icon and double-click on it.
  3. Click on the Start_Here_“Win” or “Mac” icon.
  4. In the Register dialog box, enter your first and last name in the given fields.
  5. Type email address in the third field.
  6. Click the checkbox beside the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Statement, and Optional Offers options and click on the Register button.
  7. When prompted, download the Seagate drive’s toolkit installer.
  8. Once the toolkit is downloaded, open it and perform the installation.
  9. Install the toolkit by following on-screen instructions.
  10. Once the drive’s toolkit is installed, you can use the drive to take a backup of all your important data.

Locate and click the  Call button provided on this page if you need remote assistance in performing the  Seagate Ultra Touch HDD Hard Drive setup.