Seagate SkyHawk AI 8TB Setup

Skyhawk AI 8TB

Seagate SkyHawk AI 8TB Setup is an internal hard drive specially designed for DVR and NVR systems. Compared to other drives, this one is easy to install and use on any DVR and NVR systems. If you’re struggling to set up your Seagate SkyHawk AI 14TB Hard Drive Setup, then scroll down this page to know how to perform it easily.

Initially, check whether your DVR or NVR system satisfies the drive’s system requirements. To confirm it, refer to the drive’s datasheet.

Now, begin the Seagate SkyHawk AI-8TB Setup.

  1. Turn off your DVR or NVR system.
  2. Unmount all the Screws Mounting the back cover of the system.
  3. Open the Back Cover of the system.
  4. If you wish to replace the Existing Drive with the Seagate drive, then unplug all the cables connected to the existing one and Remove it from its slot.
  5. Now, unpack the Seagate SkyHawk AI-8TB Drive.
  6. Remove the screws from the Seagate SkyHawk Drive.
  7. Place the Drive on its slot.
  8. Now, mount the Screws Joining the drive and the system together.
  9. Close the Back Cover of the DVR or NVR system.
  10. Mount the screws correctly. Turn on the DVR or NVR system and check if you’re able to access the Seagate SkyHawk AI 8TB Drive. If not, re-perform the above steps.

To get remote assistance in performing the Seagate SkyHawk AI 8TB Setup, click the Call button provided on this page.