The ultra-small, portable, high-capacity external Seagate One Touch 4TB hard drive helps you transfer large files without any delay. It comes with an Android app that allows you to back up all your important videos, files, and photos easily and quickly. The USB-C connectivity feature offered by this drive permits you to connect your Android phone to the PC securely. The below section explains the Seagate One Touch HDD 4TB Setup in detail. Before going into the setup, let’s see some cool features of this external drive.

  1. High capacity: This drive is available in different storage capacities starting from 500GB to 2TB (Portable storage).
  2. Amazing speed: The file transfer speed is up to 1030 MB/s.
  3. USB-C connectivity.
  4. Convenient backup.
  5. Easy to install.
  6. Sync Plus software.
  7. Easy to edit, organize, share, and store your favorite photos from/to the drive.
  8. It comes with Adobe Creative Cloud Photography & Mylio Create plans.
  9. In addition: Data encryption and Rescue data recovery services.

The following step-by-step instructions explain how to perform the Seagate One Touch 4TB HDD Setup in detail.

STEP 1: Physical Setup

  1. Get the USB-C type cable that is provided along with the drive.
  2. Now, connect the small end of the cable to the drive and insert the large end of the same cable to your computer.
  3. Make sure to connect the cable securely.
  4. Before connecting the cable, make sure that your computer is turned off.
  5. Turn on the computer after connecting the drive to it.

STEP 2:Register Your Drive & Install The Toolkit

  1. As soon as your computer turns on, connect it to the Internet if it is not already connected. To install the Seagate drive toolkit, your computer should be connected to the Internet.
  2. Open the Seagate drive folder on your computer.
  3. Inside the folder, you can find the file titled Start_Here_Windows or Start_Here_Mac; click on it.
  4. Now, the Register dialog box will open.
  5. Type your name and e-mail address, and then select the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Statement, and Optional Offers options by clicking the checkboxes beside them.
  6. Click the Register Button.
  7. Once your drive is registered, Download the Toolkit file and run it on your computer.
  8. Install the Toolkit by following the on-screen instructions.
  9. Once the Toolkit is installed, your Seagate Drive will be ready to use.
  10. If you have any doubts about performing the Seagate One Touch 4TB HDD Setup, Contact Us.