Seagate The Fatal Device Hardware Error Occurs

Seagate The Fatal Device Hardware Error Occurs

The Fatal hardware error occurs when the drive is physically damaged or due to a logical error. You can easily resolve the Seagate the Fatal Device hardware error easily. Resolve the Seagate Fatal Device Hardware error by performing the troubleshooting methods one-by-one discussed below.

  1. Check the connectivity between the driver and your system.
  2. Check the Seagate hardware’s status via SMART.
  3. Checking the bad sectors and repairing it if required.
  4. Reformatting & Initializing the Seagate disk.
  5. Replacing the defective hard drive if required.

Check the connectivity between the driver and your system

  1. Make sure that the Seagate hardware and your system are connected properly.
  2. Check if the USB cable is damaged.
  3. If so, replace the damaged USB cable with a new one.
  4. Try connecting the USB cable to other ports available on your system.

Checking The Seagate Hardware’s Status Via Smart

  1. SMART helps to identify your hard drive’s working conditions. You have to use the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-LIne (WMIC) tool to use the SMART.
  2. On your Windows system, launch the Command Prompt terminal.
  3. Type the wmic diskdrive get status command in the cmd window.
  4. Press the Enter button. The result of the status will be displayed as the OK, Bad, Unknown, or Caution command.
  5. If the result is OK, then you can resolve it easily.
  6. If the result is Unknown, Caution, or Bad, then you have to perform the data recovery process on your hard drive.
  7. To get more remote assistance in resolving the Seagate Fatal device hardware error, click the Call button available on this screen.