Seagate Expansion Portable 750GB Hard Drive

Seagate Expansion Portable 750gb Hard Drive

Seagate drives have always delivered reliable storage solutions for more than 30 years. Over the past decade, Seagate has succeeded in shipping over 1.5 billion hard drives. And today, the company continues to produce storage devices of excellent quality, durability, and reliability.

Several people have been using the older version of the Seagate Expansion portable hard drive over the years. The newer version is plain and black. On the top of the drive, you will find a checkerboard pattern. The newer version hard drive is slimmer and lighter than the older one. It is also compact and adds more storage space to your computer instantly.

The setup is pretty simple and straightforward. The hard drive is powered by the USB cable. Therefore, an external power supply is not necessary.

Many people purchase the Seagate Expansion portable 750GB Hard Drive for acquiring the SATA drive inside the case. Then, they utilize it as an internal drive on a laptop (or any other compatible device).

How To Open The Seagate Expansion portable Hard Drive?

Follow the steps given below to open your hard drive:

  1. First, get a plastic opening tool and run it around the edge of the drive casing. Make sure that you run the tool in the gap between the top and the bottom of the casing. This action is essential for releasing the catches.
  2. Next, lift the top part of the Hard Drive casing. Now, peel off the metal shielding.
  3. You will find the drive under the metal shielding. It will be a standard SATA drive.
  4. You can see that the drive is not screwed into the case. So, you just have to lift it.
  5. It is time to remove the SATA to USB bridge PCB. Once this task is done, the Seagate Expansion portable 750GB Hard Drive will be ready for use. So, you can utilize it inside your laptop (or other compatible devices).

How To Set Up The Seagate Drive 0n Windows?

The Seagate Expansion portable hard drive is automatically recognized by the Windows operating system. So, you don’t have to install any software. You can also save all your files easily and quickly using the drag-and-drop method. The drive is easy to use and energy-efficient. You can enjoy a high data transfer speed with USB 2.0 connectivity.

Tips for using the Seagate drive:

For Mac:

The hard drive is read-only on a Mac. Therefore, you will not be able to copy or move any data to your Seagate Expansion portable 750GB Hard Drive. However, if you wish to use this drive on a Mac, you have to reformat it.

For Windows:

  1. To make the drive work on Windows, you just have to connect the drive to your computer using the USB cable. Now, you will find that the drive pops up in This PC/My Computer and File Explorer/Windows Explorer.
  2. You can also move data to the drive (from your computer) using the copy-and-paste procedure. But if you wish to opt for an automatic backup, use some special utility that has been built into Windows for the purpose.
  3. Congratulations!
  4. You have now successfully set up the Seagate Expansion portable 750GB Hard Drive and learned how to use it on Windows and Mac.