Seagate Expansion Portable 3tb Hard Drive Setup [Simple Guide]

Seagate Expansion Portable 3tb Hard Drive

Want to expand your computer’s storage space? Then, try the Seagate Expansion Portable 3TB external hard drive. This external drive helps you store and transfer large files easily from one computer to another. It comes in different storage capacities starting from 1 TB to 5 TB. On this page, you will find more useful information about the Seagate Expansion Portable 3TB hard drive. The key features of this portable drive are listed below.

Easy to set up and use Fast data transfer Rescue Data Recovery services Connectivity via USB 3.0 cable Compact & perfect for on-the-go use Built-in power management

Now, let’s see how to unbox and set up the Seagate Expansion Portable 3TB hard drive on your Mac computer.

  1. Begin the hard drive setup by unpacking its box.
  2. Inside the box, you can find the Seagate Expansion Portable drive, a USB 3.0 cable, a quick start guide, and rescue data recovery services.
  3. Now, take the Seagate drive out of the package.
  4. Plug the drive into an electrical outlet using its power adapter.
  5. Wait for the drive to turn on.
  6. Once the drive turns on, connect it to your Mac computer using the USB cable.
  7. Make sure that the USB cable between the drive and the computer is connected securely.
  8. Turn on the computer if it is turned off.
  9. Now, create a partition on the drive to use it on your Mac computer.
  10. To do so, open the Disk Utility window.
  11. Make sure that your Seagate drive is listed in the drives section.
  12. Now, choose your drive so that you can format it.
  13. Approximately after 20 seconds, a pop-up dialog box with the following message “Do you want to use Seagate Expansion Drive (3 TB) to back up with Time Machine? will appear on the screen.
  14. Click on the Don’t Use button available in the dialog box.
  15. Select the drive and click on the Partition button.
  16. Choose the desired partition type from the drop-down menu.
  17. Similarly, type the partition name, format, and size as per your desire in the given fields.
  18. Click Apply.
  19. Now, the partition will be created on your Seagate drive based on your preferences.
  20. Open the drive folder and start transferring your important files into it.

To know more about the Seagate Expansion Portable 3TB hard drive, contact us.