Seagate expansion 2TB

Seagate Expansion 2tb Connect To Tv

You can watch the videos stored on the drive on your TV. Only some televisions have the USB port to which you have to connect the drive. If the TV doesn’t have a USB port, then use a streaming device to watch videos. Read the instructions below to connect the Seagate Expansion 2TB Connect to TV.

USB port:

  1. Provide the power connection to the drive and keep it near to the television.
  2. First, check if your smart TV has a USB port and also verify whether it supports HDD.
  3. If the TV supports USB and HDD, then see the USB and HDD compatibility of it.
  4. After that, get the details about the file system type the TV can support. If it is NTFS, then format the HDD in NTFS on a Mac computer.
  5. On the Windows system, you need not change the type as the default format type is NTFS.
  6. You can find the essential technical information in the User Guide of the television.
  7. Next, connect the TV’s USB port and the Seagate drive using a USB cable.
  8. Look if there is any vibration or indication light on the drive. After that, navigate to the TV’s settings menu using the TV remote.
  9. Open the TV input settings and choose the USB drive option.
  10. Now, the drive data shows up on the TV screen. Find the file you want to watch and select it using the remote.

Without a USB port:

  1. In case you are using an old TV, then it is difficult to connect the drive to it. Therefore, you have to convert the driver files to the file type the TV can accept or support.
  2. If there is no USB port, use a USB to HDMI adapter and try to connect.
  3. By using these steps we can execute that the Seagate expansion 2TB connect to TV using with or without a USB port.