How To Fix Error Code 43?

After you connect the Seagate storage device to the Windows computer if you receive the error 43 stating the message “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problem” then it denotes that the problem is with the drive or the Windows system. Consider the following causes and the solutions to resolve the Seagate error code 43.

Seagate Error Code 43


  1. The system driver is an older version that does not support the new Seagate device or driver is not up-to-date.
  2. The loose connection of the storage device to the Windows computer can also be the reason for the error.
  3. The port to which the storage device is connected may be damaged.
  4. Tampered or worn out USB cable can lead to the error 43.


  1. The communication between the computer driver and the Seagate device is lost.
  2. The system does not respond to user actions when using an externally connected device.
  3. You cannot move files into the storage device or copy files from the device.
  4. The system freezes, and further operations are done at a slow pace.
  5. By using these steps we can execute that how can i fix the Seagate Error Code 43.


Restart the computer – The simplest way to prevent the error is to restart the Windows computer and check if the error causing the trouble disappears.

Remove error causing programs – Scan the computer for any virus applications or malware files because the previously downloaded files can cause the problem, and if you find any program causing the error, then delete or uninstall the program from the system.

Remove & Reconnect the storage device – Check the device connection and remove the external device and connect the device again.

Remove old driver & install the latest driver – Suppose the Windows system driver is outdated and cannot support the external storage device, then delete the driver and download & install the latest version of the Windows driver.

Uninstall & install the driver again – Remove the driver and install the same driver again. Verify whether the error is solved.

Install BIOS – Like Windows driver, BIOS can also become unsupported for the external device, therefore check the status of the BIOS on the Windows system. If the BIOS is old, then continue to install the new BIOS.

Change USB cable – If the USB cable that is connecting the Seagate device to the Windows computer is defected and damaged, then make sure to change the USB cable with a new one and again try to establish the connection.

Follow the above steps we can execute that how can i fix the seagate error code 43.