Error Code 1219 Seagate Dashboard Software

The Seagate Dashboard error code 1219 is a utility from Seagate to backup your files and other media from your computer and mobile devices to your Seagate backup devices. Sometimes, your Seagate backup may not work properly on your computer and may show an error.


On a Windows computer, while using the Seagate dashboard, if your computer shows the error code 1219, then it might be due to multiple sessions to a server with different credentials from the same computer. It means some other applications from your computer might be accessing the same server with different user credentials.

Usually, Windows networking allows only a single user to connect to a server from a machine. If you try to connect to the same server using another user on the same computer, that is when this error occurs. This is the default behavior of Windows.

Seagate Dashboard Error Code 1219

Solution for Seagate Dashboard error code 1219:

On your Windows computer, check whether any other application is connecting to the server using some other credentials. To check this, you can use the Process Explorer. Follow the below instructions to use Process Explorer.

  1. If you do not have Process Explorer on your Windows computer, then download it.
  2. Open a web browser and download the Sysinternals Suite from the Microsoft website.
  3. A zip file will be downloaded to the default Downloads folder on your computer.
  4. Extract the downloaded zip file and from the extracted files, select and open Process Explorer.
  5. In the Process Explorer window, select the Find Handle option under the Find menu.
  6. In the Find Handle, you can specify the IP address of the server to which the Seagate Dashboard tried to connect. So, we could find out the other applications that are accessing the same server from your computer.
  7. If any other application is using another credential to connect to the server, then reconfigure that particular application to use the same credentials as the Seagate dashboard.
  8. By using these steps we can execute that Seagate Dashboard Error Code 1219.