Are you looking to securely back-up all your important data, including photos and videos stored on your Mac computer? Use the Seagate Backup Plus drive for Mac. You can use this drive with Time Machine to easily back up all your important data using the Seagate backup plus drive MAC.

The Seagate Backup Plus drive for Mac is available in two different storage capacities, 1 TB and 2 TB. It is compatible with the Mac OS X 10.6 or higher versions. To work with the Mac OS, this drive is already formatted with the Time Machine Backup software. You can also access this drive from your iOS or Android device using the Seagate Mobile Backup application. 

Along with the Seagate Backup Plus Drive, components such as a quick start guide and 18-inch USB 3.0 cable are provided. The Seagate dashboard is pre-loaded on the drive.

Now, let’s see how to configure the Seagate Backup Plus Drive on Mac.

Step 1: Hardware Setup

  1. Connect your Seagate Backup Plus drive to a power outlet using the power adapter provided with the drive.
  2. Using a USB 3.0 cable, connect the drive to your Mac computer.
  3. Make sure to connect both the power and USB cables securely.

Step 2: Configuring The Drive Settings

  1. Go to the Devices window on your Mac computer.
  2. Double-click on the Seagate Backup Plus drive.
  3. In the Seagate drive’s setup wizard, click on the Start Here button and follow the on-screen instructions to configure the drive settings.

You can also configure the drive settings using the Toolkit software. 

  1. Generally, when the drive is connected to your Mac computer, the Toolkit icon will be displayed on the taskbar.
  2. Click on the Toolkit icon to begin the configuration. In case the Toolkit icon is not displayed, then use the Spotlight feature to open Toolkit.
  3. Now, you can find the connected Seagate drive in the Toolkit dialog box.
  4. In the same dialog box, you can find the section titled ACTIVITIES, and below it, you can find the Mirror option. Click on it.
  5. To begin the configuration, click on the MIRROR NOW button.
  6. Once the drive is configured, you can back up all your important data to the drive.

To know more about the Seagate backup plus drive MAC, contact our technical experts.