Power Supply Problems With Seagate’s 4TB Expansion Drive

Power Supply Problems With Seagate's 4tb Expansion Drive

If you are having power supply problems with Seagate’s 4TB expansion drive, keep reading the instructions below to troubleshoot the power issues.

  1. First, connect your Seagate 4TB hard drive to your Windows computer with the supplied USB cable.
  2. Ensure that you have firmly connected the USB cable to your computer’s USB port.
  3. Connect the hard drive to an electrical outlet with the supplied power adapter and verify that the hard drive light is blinking.
  4. If there is no light on the hard drive, then it indicates that the power adapter is not connected to the power supply.
  5. Connect the power adapter to a different electrical outlet and check whether the hard drive’s light is blinking.
  6. On your Windows computer, click the Start menu (Windows logo) available at the bottom of the desktop.
  7. Type ‘control’ in the search panel and hit the Enter key. Give a double-click on the Control Panel app from the search result.
  8. Alternatively, launch the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows + R shortcut keys.
  9. Type ‘control’ in the Run dialog box and hit the Enter key to launch the Control Panel.
  10. Click the Power Options tab in the Control Panel window and select the Change plan settings option.
  11. Choose the Change advanced power settings option and expand the Hard Disks tab in the pop-up window.
  12. Make sure to set the Turn off hard disk after setting to Never.
  13. Next, download and install the SeaTools diagnostic tool on your computer.
  14. Create a backup to save all the data on your Seagate 4TB expansion drive.
  15. Close all the running programs and launch SeaTools.
  16. Choose the drives to test from the displayed list.
  17. Select the test you want to perform from the following options.
  18. Fix all
  19. S.M.A.R.T. check
  20. Short Drive Self Test
  21. Short Generic
  22. Long Generic
  23. After completing the test, view the test results by clicking either Pass Info or Fail Info.
  24. If the Power Supply Problems With Seagate’s 4TB Expansion Drive remains unsolved, run the check disk (chkdsk) command on your Windows computer.