Paragon NTFS For Mac

Paragon Ntfs For Mac Seagate Not Working

If you are facing issues while using the Paragon driver for Seagate drive on your Mac device, or if the Paragon NTFS driver for Mac is itself not working, then proceed with the steps that are given below to fix Paragon NTFS for Mac Seagate not working.

  1. Check whether the drivers are properly installed.
  2. Remove and reinstall the driver if the drivers are not installed correctly.
  3. Click the Apple icon on the top-left corner of the screen.
  4. Select the System Preferences option from the displayed list.
  5. You can view the NTFS for Mac at the bottom of the screen.
  6. If you don’t find the NTFS option, you have to reinstall the software.
  7. Ensure that the Antivirus or Firewall software installed on your Mac device doesn’t block the installation of the driver.
  8. Disable any third-party security application on your Mac device.
  9. Check the security settings on your device.
  10. Go to the Applications folder and select System Preferences.
  11. Navigate to the Security & Privacy section and select the General tab.
  12. Choose the Anywhere temporarily option in the Allow applications section.
  13. You can change the settings after installing the software.
  14. When the NTFS icon is displayed, double-click on the icon.
  15. Verify whether the drive is shown under NTFS partitions.
  16. Also, make sure that the driver is turned off.
  17. Go to the System Profiler section and check whether the correct manufacturer is displayed.
  18. Press the Option key and click on the Apple icon to open the System Profiler window for Mac OS X. It varies according to the version of Mac
  19. Select the USB option on the left panel in the System Profiler window and locate your Seagate drive.
  20. Select the Seagate drive and check whether the settings are listed properly.
  21. Unplug the connected drive and reconnect it.
  22. Finally, restart your Mac device to resolve the issue.
  23. By using these steps we can execute that to fix paragon ntfs for mac seagate not working.