Setting Up Your Ironwolf 6tb Nas Hard Drive

Ironwolf 6tb Nas Hard Drive Setup

On this page, you’ll learn the procedure for the IronWolf 6TB NAS hard drive setup

Your insufficient storage problem is no more. The IronWolf internal hard drive is specially designed to work with a multi-user environment and high workload rates. This internal storage is almost enough to solve all your storage problems. It comes with network-attached storage (NAS) that lets you store all your data in a single drive.

Before going into the setup, let’s see the components that are provided along with the IronWolf 6TB hard drive.

  1. Power cord.
  2. Two different data cables.
  3. Quick start guide.
  4. User manual and other important documents related to the drive.

Now, let’s see how to set up IronWolf 6TB NAS hard drive on your Windows desktop.

Step 1: Turn Off Your Desktop

  1. If your desktop computer is turned on, then turn it off.
  2. Unplug the power cable of your computer from the wall outlet.
  3. Make sure that there is no power supply to your computer.

Step 2: Take The Existing Drive Out Of Computer

If you wish to replace the existing storage drive with a new one, then perform this step. Otherwise, skip it.

  1. Open your computer’s CPU cover. 
  2. Locate the existing drive.
  3. Unplug all the cables connecting the drive.
  4. Make sure to disconnect the power and the data cables carefully.

Step 3: Unpack IronWolf 6TB NAS Hard Drive

  1. Remove the hard drive from its package.
  2. Clear the packing material(s) from the drive.

Step 4: Mount The Drive

  1. On your computer’s CPU, locate the drive slot.
  2. If you’re replacing your old hard drive with a new one, then you can place the IronWolf drive in the exiting drive tray. 
  3. Otherwise, mount the drive on another tray available on your CPU.

Step 5: Connect The Cables To The Drive

  1. Get the data and power cables.
  2. Plug the power cable securely into its port.
  3. Similarly, connect the data cable securely.
  4. After connecting the cables securely, close the cover of your CPU.
  5. The basic steps of the IronWolf 6TB NAS Hard drive setup have been completed.

Step 6: Turn On Your Computer

  1. Plug the power cables of your computer back to an electrical outlet.
  2. Power on the computer.
  3. Go to the My Computer window and look for the newly installed drive.

Step 7: Unhide Your IronWolf Hard Drive

  1. Usually, when you install a new hard drive, it will not be displayed on your computer’s My Computer window. In short, the new hard drive will be hidden. 
  2. To complete the hard drive setup successfully, you need to make your drive visible. To do so, perform some steps in the Disk Management window. 
  3. Click on the Search box available in the Taskbar.
  4. Type Disk Management.
  5. From the list of suggestions, select the Create and format hard disk partitions option.
  6. Now, the Disk Management window followed by the Initialize Disk dialog box will pop-up on the screen.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. Now, your IronWolf 6TB NAS hard drive will be displayed under the Basic disk drive section.

Step 8: Configure IronWolf Drive Preferences

  1. Right-click on your IronWolf hard drive icon.
  2. Select the New Simple Volume option.
  3. Click Next > Next > Next.
  4. In the Format Partitions dialog box, type the drive name of your desire in the Volume label field and click Next > Finish.

Congratulations! You have successfully performed the IronWolf 6TB NAS hard drive setup.