How To Set Up Seagate 2tb Ps4?

How To Set Up Seagate 2TB PSS4

Setting up an external hard drive with your PS4 console will let you extend the storage capacity on your PS4. Earlier, you would have used a screwdriver to open the case (on your PS4) to install an internal hard drive of greater capacity, which is too time-consuming. But now, since the introduction of an external hard drive for your PS4, you need not crack open your PS4 case using slots and screws.

Here How To Set Up Seagate 2TB PS4 in no time. You need not delete the existing games from your PS4 console for adding new ones. For setting up your Seagate 2TB, you do not need a power cable. The Seagate 2TB for your PS4 has the following unique features:

  1. No-lag performance
  2. Plug-and-play connectivity

The Seagate storage device that we are going to use is the Seagate Backup Plus Slim with a capacity of 2TB. This storage device is not that expensive. You only have to ensure that it supports USB 3.0 with the cable.

To set up the Seagate Backup Plus Slim for your PS4 console, follow these steps:

  1. First, attach the Seagate drive to the USB port available on your PS4. It is better to shut down your system, insert the Seagate drive, and then power it up.
  2. After you insert the Seagate drive, the system will prompt you to format the drive according to your PS4 specifications. If you do not see the prompt, you have to navigate to the Settings menu and check your Storage section.
  3. Note: Remember that when you reformat your Seagate drive, all the data saved (previously) on the drive will be deleted.
  4. Once you format your Seagate drive and check the Storage section under Settings, you will find both the original and external Seagate drives on your screen. New games or apps that you install will be stored in the external Seagate drive.
  5. If you wish to free some space in your internal drive for some video clips or other such data, do the following:
  6. Try to move some apps from your internal drive to the external Seagate drive. To do the same, stick to these instructions:
  7. Open the Storage settings. From here, go to the internal drive.
  8. Select the Applications option. You can now view the list of games or apps that you have installed on the internal drive.
  9. On your PS4 console, click the Options key.
  10. Now, select the Move to Extended Storage option.
  11. Choose the games or apps that you need to move to the external Seagate drive.
  12. Since you are “moving” some of the data from the internal to the external drive and not “copying,” the moved data will be deleted from your internal drive.
  13. Follow these steps we can execute how to set up Seagate 2TB PS4.

When you start moving data from the internal to external Seagate drive, files of large sizes will take a while. You need to be patient when games of huge sizes are being transferred. Once you have saved your games or apps on the external Seagate drive, you will be able to take this drive along with you (wherever you go). The best part is, you can play your favorite games on another PS4 console.

Please keep the following conditions in mind, for effective usage of your PS4 console and the external Seagate drive:

  1. In case you are taking a game that has been installed from a game disc to your friend’s house, you still have to take the disc along with you. This step is necessary for authenticating or playing the game. However, this step is unnecessary for digital games.
  2. It is mandatory to remember the username and password of your PS4 if you wish to access purchased games on your friend’s system. Username and password details are essential for signing in as a user on your friend’s PS4.
  3. The games that are saved will not transfer to the external Seagate drive. They will remain in your internal drive. Nevertheless, you can transfer the saved game data from the cloud to the PS4 console of your friend.
  4. By using these steps we can execute How To Set Up Seagate 2TB PS4.