How to Repair Seagate FreeAgent Go?

FreeAgent Go is an Seagate Exteranl Hard Drive designed by Seagate the hard drive manufacturers. The storage capacity of this drive varies from 60 GB to 3 TB. This hard drive can be easily detected by any device. If your Freeagent Go is not detected by your system, then you can try some of the troubleshooting instructions preferred by experts.

How to Repair Seagate FreeAgent Go

Troubleshooting method 1: Try connecting the drive to another Windows or Mac system

  1. If you are connecting the Freeagent Go drive to your system using a USB cable, make sure that the USB cable and the USB port on your system are working properly.
  2. If the USB cable is damaged or broken, then replace it with another USB cable.
  3. If the indicator light on the Freeagent Go drive is blinking, but it is not detected by your system, then connect the drive to another system.
  4. Otherwise, try connecting the drive to a different USB port on your system.
  5. Try re-booting your Windows system.
  6. Then, connect the Freeagent Go drive to your system.

Troubleshooting method 2: Scan your Freeagent Go external hard drive

  1. Most of the desktop or laptop users have antivirus software installed on their system.
  2. If you are also of that kind, then scan your Freeagent Go drive using the antivirus software installed on your system.
  3. If any virus is found during the scan process, then follow the instructions displayed in the antivirus application to resolve it.
  4. After that, check if your system is able to detect the Freeagent Go drive.

Troubleshooting method 3: Uninstall Hard Drive driver installed on your system

  1. Click the search utility field available on your Windows 10 system’s taskbar.
  2. Type the devmgmt.msc command in the given field and press the Enter button.
  3. Now, the Device Manager window will open.
  4. Locate & expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers tab.
  5. Select the hard drive file from the list of suggestions. 
  6. Now, the selected drive’s properties dialog box will appear on the screen.
  7. Click the Driver tab, followed by the Uninstall button.
  8. Wait for the process to complete.
  9. Once it is done, Restart your Windows 10 system.
  10. To get Remote assistance in resolving this issue, click the Call button available on this website.
  11. If the Freeagent Go drive’s hardware is damaged, then your drive’s dealer or manufacturer.