How To Connect Seagate Hard Drive To Ps4?

How To Connect Seagate Hard Drive To Ps4

Sony developed the PlayStation 4 (PS4) console to play games and for online streaming. Seagate hard drive is a storage device that is used for backing up your data. Sony now supports hard drives for installing the games and this allows PS4 users to have access to extended storage and enjoy more games. To use your PS4 with an external storage drive, you need to update the PlayStation system to version 4 or 4.50 or later. Carry out these below-mentioned steps how to connect Seagate Hard Drive to Ps4.

  1. Before starting your PS4 console, connect the Seagate hard drive to the PS4 console with the help of a standard USB cable.
  2. You can connect the USB cable to the USB port located at the front or rear panel of the console.
  3. After plugging in the USB cable, turn on your PS4 console and make sure that you have connected your PS4 controller.
  4. Your Seagate hard drive has to be formatted before it is set up as an external device.
  5. On your PS4 console, select the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen.
  6. In the Settings window, select the Devices option from the displayed menu.
  7. Under Devices, select the USB Storage Devices option.
  8. Under USB Storage Devices, select your Seagate hard drive using the PS4 controller’s navigation keys and press the X button.
  9. On the next screen, select the Format as Extended Storage button using the PS4 controller.
  10. Select the Next button followed by Format.
  11. Formatting the Seagate hard drive will erase all the data stored on it.
  12. Wait until it is formatted completely.
  13. Next, go to Settings and select Storage followed by Extended Storage.
  14. Now, check if you can access the Seagate hard drive to store your data.
  15. By using these steps we can execute that how to connect Seagate Hard Drive to Ps4.