How to Connect Seagate Central Directly to Pc?

There are reasons why you may face the not recognized error for your seagate external hard drive. However, you may find that the bundled software on your new operating system might be the reason.

There are some standard troubleshooting steps to fix your seagate hard drive recognition.

  1. Try connecting to a different port on your computer.
  2. Use an alternate cable.
  3. Try using the drive on a different computer to ensure that the problem is not with the drive.
  4. Verify whether the drive light is On.
  5. Try a different power outlet.
  6. Plug the adapter directly into the wall.


  1. Check the Device Manager and the Disk Management in the Management console.
  2. Open the Run command by pressing the Windows Key + R.
  3. Once the run command opens, type compmgmt.msc and click OK.
  4. Click the device manager on the left side.
  5. In the middle row of the window, check the disk drives section.
  6. Locate your drive using the name. If you see your file detected, continue by clicking on it to connect seagate central directly to Pc.
  7. In the Disk Drives section, right-click on external drives.
  8. Go to the Properties option and click the Volume tab. Click on Populate.
  9. Name the disks 1 and 2.
  10. If the drive allots the name RAW and Unallocated, it indicates that you have tried a different port and cable. You can consider data recovery.
  11. After the format, if you want to check if the format was conducted correctly, you will see the information for NTFS, Capacity, and Drive Letter.
  12. You can click on Add and proceed with assigning the letter. Click OK.


  1. If you are not able to detect the Seagate drive on your Mac, perform the following action
  2. Open Finder> Applications> Utilities> Disk Utility.
  3. If you are using the Mac OS of version of 10.13 or higher, you can select the option Show All Devices on the upper left corner of the screen.
  4. It will allow you to see both the disk and also the volumes.
  5. Select the fixed entry for your drive and click on the Mount button available at the disk utility option.
  6. You can run the repair disk process to resolve the file system corruption.
  7. If the repair disk utility fails, you have the option of formatting the drive (deletes all the data present in it permanently).
  8. If the drive is not detected in the Disk Utility, you can try connecting the device to a different Mac computer to see if the issue is with the Mac software.

To resolve the issues with Mac, you can try a straightforward fix, Startup in safe mode. It helps in verifying the disk startup and attempts to repair any disk-related problems. This also loads Kernel extensions, prevents automatic startup and shutdown, disables third-party applications and plug-ins, and deletes system cache files after that connect seagate central directly to PC.