How to access seagate NAS drive remotely in a smooth way?

The NAS (Network Attached Storage) is connected to a network that allows enables the storage and retrieval of data. NAS device systems are flexible and easy to work in a user interface. NAS functions similar to a private cloud in the office. The NAS is faster in performance, less expensive, and provides all the benefits that of a public cloud service. The NAS will give access and complete control. Here, the following steps are about how to access Seagate NAS drive remotely.

  1. Launch your windows laptop. Open the default web browser.
  2. In the address bar of the browser, search for the Seagate NAS.
  3. Log in to your Seagate NAS by entering the Seagate username and login password.
  4. Once you log in, go to the NAS option.
  5. Locate the Device manager icon on the screen.
  6. Locate the Network option under the Customize window on the left.
  7. You will find four tabs namely,
  8. Connections
  9. Proxy
  10. Remote Access
  11. Port Forwarding
  12. Click the Remote Access tab. The Remote access window will open. 
  13. Select your NAS from the drop-down list box that how to access seagate nas drive remotely.
  14. Set a Seagate MyNAS name for your NAS drive and click on the Apply button.
  15. A status window will open, showing that the Seagate NAS is now enabled. 
  16. It will also display a link that will redirect you to accessing the NAS drive remotely.
  17. There are times when your MyNAS fails to get enabled even if the link is provided in the window, 
  18. You can start to manually forward a port in the router.
  19. When the prompt opens, click on the pen icon on the right.
  20. In the advanced settings, set the port forwarding to ‘Manual.’
  21. Now, the advanced settings will open a protocol window.
  22. Set the protocol to HTTP.
  23. In the Port forwarding section, set the port to 4001. Click Save.
  24. The Seagate NAS drive will be detected.
  25. Using these steps we can execute that how to access seagate NAS drive remotely.

Now to access the NAS drive remotely,

  1. Select the Seagate driver from the list of external devices connected to your Mac.
  2. Once you locate your driver, right-click on Seagate backup plus.
  3. It will open up a list; select the Update driver.
  4. Once you perform the reboot, restart your PC.
  5. Check to see if the above solution fixes the issue.
  6. By using these steps that how to access seagate NAS drive remotely.
How To Access Seagate Nas Drive Remotely