How Do I Fix Seagate Hard Drive Failure

How Do I Fix Seagate Hard Drive Failure

Seagate is a big brand when it comes to external hard drives. The devices come in different storage capacities, and they are mostly preferred to back up the data easily and quickly. But since you are on this page, we suspect you might have experienced a hard drive failure. Let us dive into the topic and see how to fix the Seagate Hard Drive Failure.

Restart your PC

  1. The first step before going through any Technical Issue is to restart your PC. If the hard drive failure was just a minor glitch, restarting the PC could well fix it and make the drive active on your PC. So, after restarting the PC, check if the Seagate drive is active.
  2. Check the USB connection
  3. Using a defective USB cable usually results in hard drive failure or inability to access the hard drive. So try Disconnecting the USB cable and connect it using another USB.
  4. Sometimes, the port to which the hard drive is connected might be defective. So try plugging the drive into another USB port on your PC.

Change the drive letter

  1. Make sure no two drive letters clash with each other. So, change the drive letter of the Seagate external hard drive and make sure the problem gets fixed.
  2. Click the Windows icon and right-click on the My Computer Icon.
  3. Select Manage and choose Disk Management from the list.
  4. Right-click on the Seagate External Hard Drive and select Change drive letter and paths.
  5. Add a new drive letter and click Save.
  6. Now, open the external hard drive folder and make sure you have fixed the Seagate Hard Drive Failure issue.

Check the driver software

  1. If you have installed the driver for your Seagate Hard Drive, check whether the driver is updated. Using an outdated version of the driver may also fail your hard drive.
  2. Click on the Start menu and select Control Panel.
  3. Choose Programs and Features.
  4. Search and locate the driver from the list and click Uninstall.
  5. Select Yes to uninstall the software.
  6. Go to the official web page of Seagate and select the Support tab.
  7. Search for the hard drive model and download the Latest Version of the driver that supports your PC’s OS.
  8. Install the driver on your PC.
  9. Now check if the Seagate Hard Drive Failure Issue is fixed.